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keeps opened wine
in perfect condition.

How to use WEINLUFT®

Funktionsweise von Weinluft mit Argon in einer Weinflasche

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Why Argon?

The enjoyment of any wine, by the glass.


The only ingredient in WEINLUFT® is argon. Argon is an inert gas taken from earth's atmosphere. It has been used in the food industry for many years.


WEINLUFT® encourages responsible drinking. You no longer have to finish the whole bottle. You can enjoy your wine, by the glass.


Argon is heavier than air and will sink below the air in a bottle until it lies across the wine. One canister of WEINLUFT® protects 15 opened bottles.


WEINLUFT® is certified with "Der grüne Punkt". The empty canister can be disposed of in the yellow bin or yellow bag.

“Sometimes I like to have one glass of wine after a long day at work. WEINLUFT® enables me to enjoy it. I don't have to finish the whole bottle the following days."

"Because argon is heavier than oxygen, it can act as a protective layer for wine, preventing the very reactive oxygen from interacting with the wine and causing oxidation."

"Through 6,500 years of wine making, keeping opened wine from deteriorating has been a problem. Ironically, the solution was right before us in the form of an inert gas called argon."

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About us

Weinluft GmbH is a young start-up from Oberasbach (close to Nuremberg).

Our mission

We want to make this ingenious solution accessible to every wine drinker.

Our service

The most effective, simple and affordable wine preserver in the world.